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HanabObjectiveHanab is a card game created by Antoine Bauza. It's cooperative, which means that players are not against each other but assemble to reach a common goal. They incarn here distracted pyrotechnists who - by inattention - mixed their powder, wicks and rockets for a large fireworks display. The show will begin soon and the situation is a bit chaotic. They will need to help each other to prevent the show turning to disaster.The goal of the pyrotechnics team is to build 5 fireworks, one of each color (white, red, blue, yellow, green) by combining increasing value cards (1,2,3,4,5) of the same color.SetupThe app sets up everything for you, which is handy 😉. At the beginning of a game, you will have 8 blue tokens - your hints - and 3 red tokens - your strike tokens. The deck is composed of 50 cards, 10 of each color with numbers 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5. · In a 2 or 3 player game, each player will be dealt 5 cards · In a 4 or 5 player game, each player will be dealt 4 cards. As you will see, players are not allowed to look at their own cards!Playing the gameOn each player's turn, they take one (and only one) of the three following actions. You are not allowed to pass. 1. Give information to another player. 2. Discard a card. 3. Play a card Players are not allowed to give hints or suggestions on other player's turns!1. Give informationWhen you give information, it will remove a blue token. Note: If you have no more blue tokens, you cannot choose to give information and must pick a different action. You then give information to a fellow player about the cards in that player's hand by clicking on it. You can tell the player either about one (and only one) color, or one (and only one) value of card.2. Discard a cardDiscarding a card returns a blue token. You discard a card from your hand by tapping it. You then draw a new card from the deck and it will be added to your hand. Note: If you have all 8 blue tokens, you cannot discard cards and must pick a different action. You can consult discarded cards at anytime.3. Play a cardAt your turn, to play a card, take a card from your hand and play it. One of two things happen: · If the card begins or adds to a firework, it will be added to that firework pile · If the card does not add to a firework, it will be discarded the card and add a red strike token Then you will draw a replacement card from the deck. When a player finishes a firework by playing a value 5 card on it, it will return one blue token to the lid of the box as a bonus. If all the blue tokens are in the box lid, you do not get the bonus.End of the gameHanab can end in three ways: · If you get the third red token, you lose the game as the display goes up in flames! · If the team completes all five colors of firework with a value of 5, the team makes a spectacular victorydisplay and obtains the maximum score of 25 points - 30 with multicolor option! · If a player draws the last card from deck, the game is almost over. Each player gets one more turn,including the player who drew the last card. Players cannot draw more cards during these final turns. The players then score their performance based on the fireworks they assembled.Extension🎨 The multicolor variant adds up a 6th pile and a 6th set of cards with only one item of each card: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. These fireworks are therefore more scarce and you will have to be cautious not to discard them. Rules are the same and you have to complete all six piles to reach a maximum score of 30 points.🌈 The rainbow extension also adds a 6th pile with the same values that the 5 other piles (three 1s, 2 items of cards 2/3/4 and one 5). The particularity is that rainbow cards are of all colors. Every time you give a hint on colors, they will be touched.Who are we?We are a group of board-game addicts. Locked down in 2020, we were willing to find an alternative to play together remotely. Since we both have fun coding and playing Hanab, we decided to create an online mobile-friendly version of the game. 👉 Like us, please buy the physical version to support its creator if you like this game!How to contribute?✉️ Contact us if you have any question or suggestion💻 We also have a public Github repository if you'd like to contribute.🗣 Join our Discord server to discuss potential new features or improvements
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